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3 Simple Step to Join Us

Step 1 – Tell us about yourself.
Step 2 – Answer 10 simple questions.
Step 3 – Wait for our personnel to contact you for the next step.

So what are you waiting for? 


Q1. How do I become a member of


Simply click the Join Now icon on our website and choose to become an online panel member.

Q2. Will it cost me anything to join the online panel?


It is absolutely free to join this panel. You do not need to provide credit card information or purchase anything in order to participate. In fact, you will receive rewards for joining the panel and participating in the online survey monthly.

Q3. Can I change or update my personal details?


Members are able to update or change their personal details in the member section by updating the particular information or clicking the reset button.

Q4. How long do I have to participate as a member of the panel?


Long-term participation is strongly encouraged. However, the participation is at your discretion, so should you decide to stop participating at anytime, you may do so freely.

Q5. Can other members of my household and friends join to become online panel members?


There is a limit of 2 panel members per household. As long as the limit is not reached, friends and family are free to participate and become an online panel member.

Q6. Is it necessary for me to participate in every projects that I am invited?


Members are encouraged to participate in the invited projects as we value each of our members opinion, but non-participation will not affect your membership.

Q7. How long will the survey usually take to complete?


Surveys generally do not take more than 20 minutes to complete, but it is subjected to factors such as the user's Internet connection speed.

Q8. If I am unable to participate in a particular survey, should I let you know?


If you are unable to find the time to participate in any given survey, it is fine. As the choice is entirely yours to make, notification will be unnecessary.

Q9. Can I get someone else to do my survey projects if I am away?


Unfortunately, once you have registered to be a member of our panel, only you can complete the survey. However, if any member of you family and friends are aged 15 years or older, you could encourage them to join the panel by registering in our website.

Q10. Will I be penalized if I do not complete surveys that I am invited to participate in?


You will not be penalized if you did not complete any given survey. You can complete as many or as little surveys as you wish to. However, rewards are only given for completed surveys.

Q11. A survey invitation was sent to my mail but clicking on the link in the invation would not work. What should I do?


If you are experiencing problems with the link provided in the invitation mail sent to you, there are 2 possible solution:

1. Select the link found in the invitation mail sent to you, then copy and paste the link into the Address field of a new browser window and press the Enter key. This will take you to the designated webpage where the survey will take place. If the problem still persist, please try option 2;

2. Try logging into our website as a registered Panel member, and then access the member section highlighted as Survey Invitation or Messages. There will be a direct link that will take you to the proposed survey webpage.