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Registered members of CRCGOnline are entitled to points that are exchangeable for cash vouchers or gifts that is offered by CRCG under the “Rewards” / “Redeem your Rewards” section.

While most of the redeemable rewards are available at all times, it is worth taking note that some  may only be available for a limited period or quantity only, on a first come first serve basis.

For a list of all available redeemable items that CRCGOnline offers as part of the rewards, kindly log into the members’ page and click on the “Rewards” tab to view a complete list.

Please refer to the “Rewards Terms & Conditions” on how to earn points, how to exchange them for gifts, and how to enjoy CRCGOnline at its best.

Rewards Terms & Conditions


  • Members will be awarded with 20 points upon registration. For each successful online survey completed, members will be awarded with points allocated to the specific survey.
  • Survey points may vary due to the length of the survey and types of survey.
  • In addition, for each successful referral, members will be entitled to 5 points.
  • Points accumulated are not transferable or exchangeable for cash under any circumstances.
  • The points last for the entire duration of your membership, with no expiry date.
  • Members will be prompted to confirm their exchange before the transaction is made, therefore, allexchange made by members are deemed final and non-refundable upon confirmation.

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